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Published by Samuel Penn.

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2010/12/16 - Expediant Profit

Peri goes to seek permission from the Ecclesiarchy to go turn over the Joyous HQ. She finds a conservative fundy who is more than happy for her to burn them all.

We have a planning session, where Peri gives everyone the illusion of being able to make decisions about what we're doing.

We are probably going to go find the Syndicate. Possible leads include:

  • Lady Jessica
  • Pollo
  • Tregor de Salamande, the assessor of the alien artifact.

The latter is out near the Hasaroth Abyss, in the Josian Reach, is Karthid, which is a trading centre. We decide to go there rather than burn down the Joyous Choir.

We get help from Lady Jessica to arrange a ship out. We organise:

  • A shuttle plus ground vehicle.
  • Void suits
  • Lots of ammo
  • Guns. Spare armour.

We get on the ship Expedient Profit. 2 months later… get to Karthid. One habitable planet which is an agricultural world. Mostly nomadic farmers with huge machines which harvest/sow. There is a large space station here. 4 rings around a cylinder with a ball at one end pointing down.

Station is hot and humid. Very plain and basic.

Syndicate captains:

  • Kerzen - chartist
  • Dogh - free trader
  • Glarkiss - chartist

Non-Syndicate captains:

  • Flenn - free trader
  • Relkor - chartist

Tregor is here. Does a lot of business with shadier elements of the syndicate. Not currently on station, probably down on the planet. He lives in the trade hub area, which marks him as reasonably wealthy.

Significant Rogue traders who tend to be based here:

  • Gracen Caarn
  • Eloise Selenek
  • Torzan Fedric

We go to the Tarnished Garnish club, and some of us avoid the local delicacies for which there is too much detail. Meet Broden Zardok of the underworld. Peri is pretending to be a merchant for a beast house. Arrange to meet someone more dodgy who is interested in small high value items.

Next day meet with Broden who brings along Green. Him and Peri discuss purchasing of alien artifacts. Arrange to meet tomorrow afternoon.

Trick chats to the guards outside of Tregor's appartments, and manages to pick up her first man. Invites him to the pub for a chat. Derek Gloss. He turns up at the pub in a new suit, and brings her a small present. She finds out that Tregor has been down on the planet for the last 5 or 6 days, which is an unusual length of time for him,

Meanwhile, Cain is climbing around in air ducts to try and find a way into Tregor's room. He succeeds and has a dig around.

Peri and Zurial got meet some dodgy people at a secure vault, where we are taken through several security doors and airlocks to a small room full of crates where we are shown a collection of strange weird things.

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