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Published by Samuel Penn.

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Yags is Another Game System - Game design notes for Yags, a Free roleplaying game system I use as the core system for most of my campaigns.

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2011/06/06 - In Which We Discover Why Force Fields Are Bad

There are thin metal walkways above the lava. And apparantly there are runes as well. All manner of unseakable runes are carved into the roof, glowing orange. All are something to do with the warp, and are Adrenti in style. We walk out across the walkways, which passes underneath one of the strange circular constructs. There may have been someone above watching us.

Victus flies up to the circular structure and investigates one of the towers. It is very similar to the structure at the centre of the Dark Zone. He lowers some rope so we can all get up there.

Victus flies up to the circle above this one. There is some form of spatial anomoly going on. There are wibbly wobbly balls of energy in the centre, with walkways which connect to it from the outer ring. We all rope up to the next level.

We head around the circle looking for the other people, when they start shooting at us with their purply ray spears. Some of us move forward to try and close with them. There is a puff of fire behind us, and Victus falls over. We take out two of them, but there are at least two more of them in the tower. They have probably moved up the staircase further into the tower.

Going up, we come into a control room of five of them, and dodge back.

One follows, and Zuriel fights him on the stairs. Meanwhile, the others come down the outside and up from below, starting a fight with Cain and Athenas. Zuriel finally defeats him, but the leader steps into his place.

Meanwhile, combat ensues downstairs and the attackers are dealt with pretty promptly.

Between Zuriel and the boss, there is a long sword fight… a very long sword fight… even more sword fighting… Athenas takes a shot… more sword fighting… Athenas shoots him again…. more sword fighting… more shooting which bounces off shield… more sword fighting… Cain almost shoots Zuriel in the back… Athenas shoots the boss, and he vanishes.


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