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Published by Samuel Penn.

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2011/06/27 - The Grassy Knoll

The orange sky begins to turn purple.

There is a lake with a castle in one direction, and the village in the other. We head for the village, because Athenas hopes that there might be a pub there. Outside of the circle around the gate, we notice that none of our technology works. The power on Zuriel's swords doesn't work. Guns don't fire. Apparently, Victus also can't use his psi.

Everyone else complains, and heads back through the gate to find some primitive weapons back on the ship. Eventually we are ready to set off, and head towards the village. It is a smallish village with a couple of dozen buildings, mostly stone. There is smoke from most chimnies.

There are some strangely dressed people who don't speak any Imperial recognised language. There is a church here, which we head to. Inside, the iconography is pretty standard Imperial.

A man wearing greyish robes comes out of a door and sees us and makes the sound of the Aquila. Then says something in an unknown language. Athenas eventually finds out that they can speak some wierd dialect of low gothic. We find out that this is Frederick, and he is a priest of this place, which is Longbottom. The church is of Saint Ormagord. The castle is of Good King Zarthrax.

There is a great tournament which has been called. He goes and gets us some food and beer.

We head to the tournament which is at a castle Tryn. There is some form of fete going on, with dancing and singing and drinking.

The tournament is to find a champion to go and kill a dragon. The king has been indisposed for the last 15 odd years. He was wounded by his son who tried to kill him. The son fled, and the king never recovered from his wound.

Athenas signs up Cain and Zuriel for the tournament. Apparently whoever wins gets a symbol that allows them into the Magos tower.

There is a tournament. Apparently Zuriel shouldn't of killed one of them, and is disqualified. Cain wins. There is much celebration.

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