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2010/12/16 - Boredom is a Vice

Well I have tried the Ecclesiarchy but sometimes when a job needs doing it has to be done by us. After a very, very frustrating conversation with a self-abusing/flagellating cleric it became obvious that when something needs doing get the Inquisition to do it unless what you want doing is Praying or Flagellation. I've turned the problem of the Joyous Choir and their tendencies over to Hereticus, who seemed interested given the Choir's new activities in aiding an abetting the theft of Xenos pleasure artefacts etc.

We're off to Carthid via the Expedient Profit which was supplied by Jessica along with a set of ids as Marillia Trade Factors. I am also taking my beast house identity as Peri also. I wonder if I'll loose this one too. I wonder what will happen when I go through all my Masks and find out what remains behind them. I still have nightmares about Haarlock, the cages and that Clock. Emperor knows that I didn't start this for any other reason but to have fun, meet people and kill them. I swear my only vice is boredom.

Carthid is a tip; we're currently on the station in orbit. It's controlled by various Cartist Captains and Rogue Traders but Salamande does live here. He is away at the moment on world. I hope there is less mud than the last one. I begin to understand Zuriel's feelings about Hiveworlds.

It's strangely comfortable being Peri and just focusing on the Beast House and the Underworld. Innocent vices before Frost and my nature caged me in my role as Athenais. Well, I am meeting Broden and his assocate Green to dicuss the Cold Trade. I wonder why the Cold Trade is the euphemism for Xenos artefact trading. Green is going to show Zuriel and I some artefacts tomorrow.

Zuriel has just said something that worries me; apparently Trick is out on a date. I wonder if she has been possessed by the spirit of something with a sense of personal adventure but I suspect she has been drinking again. Note to self to inventory my perfume in the morning.

Cain is off out doing something dodgy too.

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