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See also: Delta Vee.

Initiative controls when different units act. A unit in this case is either a single ship, a fighter group or a missile swarm. Initiative is part random and part governed by the command and control quality of the fleet. ELINT probably helps as well (possibly an ELINT vessel might block another ship from moving until later in the round).

The turn sequence consists of individual units moving and firing. All a unit's actions are performed in one go - it moves, launches missiles and fighters, declares ELINT and fires beam weapons all in one go.

Command and Control Rating

Each fleet has a Command and Control Rating (CCR). At the beginning of the turn, the CCR is modified by a die roll:

Die (d10) CCR Modifier
1-3 -1
4-7 +0
8-10 +1

A fleet without any command structure has a basic CCR of 3. The lowest CCR a fleet can possibly have is 0, in which case the opposing fleet has complete control over initiative. If both fleets have the same CCR, then dice to see who goes first.

Winning Initiative

The winner of initiative goes first, and chooses one unit to activate. That unit can be any unit in the game, including one from the enemy fleet. If the winner has double the initiative of the looser, then they get to act twice. If they have three times the initiative, then they act three times etc. Once the winner has made all their moves, the other side declares an activation (which again, can be any unit in the game). Then the winner declares one or more activations and so on.

If the looser has zero initiative, then the winner gets to choose the order of activation for the entire turn.

Each unit should have an activation marker which is turned over once it has been activated that turn.

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