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Published by Samuel Penn.

Also, see my profile for things that interest me.

Glendale Website - My main web site.

Yags - Main site for yet another game system, a generic GPL'd tabletop RPG.

Yagsbook - Documentation on the Yagsbook RPG documentation format, a Sourceforge project.

Mapcraft - Documentation on world mapping tools, another Sourceforge project.

Midnight Saga - An Ars Magica campaign.

Active Topics

The current topics are currently under active development (relatively speaking).

Yags is Another Game System - Game design notes for Yags, a Free roleplaying game system I use as the core system for most of my campaigns.

Yagsbook - Notes on an XML based documentation system I use for documenting Yags and related campaigns.

Full Thrust - Notes on Full Thrust

Stargrunt - Notes on Stargrunt.


Full Thrust

Some notes for house rules for Full Thrust. Note that though these rules are compatible with standard ship designs, use of them may give a modified fleet an advantage over a vanilla fleet.

Rules Systems Elsewhere

The following pages contain beta rules for the various new nations.

General Notes

  • Vector movement is the only movement, unless some strange alien technology uses gravitic drives.
  • All distances measured in ”. This may be 1 inch or may be 1 cm. Currently I'm favouring the use of centimetres for distances.
  • Campaign distances measured in Parsecs, and uses Traveller style maps and drives.

General Ship Design Notes

Hull Rows

By default, all ships have hull boxes split on 4 rows. This costs Hull x 2. You can have fewer hull rows, which reduces the chance of threshold checks. The first row is always 6, the second always 5,6 etc.

Hull Type Rows Cost Minimum
Advanced 3 MASS x 3 1
Standard 4 MASS x 2 1
Inferior 5 MASS x 1.5 10
Eggshell 6 MASS x 1 18

Each type has a minimum total hull rating. A ship with a hull less than 10, can't choose an Inferior hull type for example. This is based on the number of hull points, not the total mass of the ship.

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