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Published by Samuel Penn.

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Babylon 5

Ship sizes

B5 ships tend to be quite large, about on par with Star Wars ships. At least if you believe the statistics. They feel a lot smaller than they are though (a White Star works out at over 400m in length, and this is supposed to be one of the smaller vessels. This is bigger than anything in the Traveller universe for example) so I'm going to shrink them down in order to make them fit better into the FT rule system.

B5W Class FT Mass
Medium 1-49
HCV 50-79
Capital ship 80+

For example, let's look at the EA Omega Destroyer, as depicted in Babylon 5 Wars.

  • It has 4 fighter groups, for a total mass of 36.
  • Four big energy weapons (two fore, two aft), which we'll define as pulse torpedoes. Mass 16.
  • 12 particle beams, assume they are class 1 beams. Mass 12.
  • Two fore heavy pulse cannons. Assume these are Class 2 beams. Mass 4.
  • 6 interceptors, which we'll count as PDAFs for now. Mass 6.

This gives a total mass of 74 in weapon systems. Assume that this is about half the ship, then we're looking at a total mass of about 150.

EA Olympus Corvette

  • 4 medium pulse cannons, say class 1 beams, Mass 4.
  • Railgun, Class 2, Mass 3.
  • Salvo missiles, a few.

New Weapons

Where possible, I intend to try to stick with standard FT weapon systems, rather than invent new ones. However, there are a few new ones.

Various Beam Weapons

Heavy Laser Beam

Heavy beam weapons as used by most capital ships in EA, Centauri and Narn fleets. They can only fire once every other turn, and always have a single fire arc. Larger classes are possible, just double the mass and point cost each time and add +12” to the maximum range category. Damage done is as rolled - so at short range, a class 4 heavy laser can potentially do 24 points of damage. There are no roll ups on the damage roll.

Class Mass Points 12” 24” 36” 48”
1 3 5 1d6
2 6 10 2d6 1d6
3 12 15 3d6 2d6 1d6
4 24 20 4d6 3d6 2d6 1d6

Centauri heavy lasers (tech +1) have a range category of 15”, and can have two fire arcs at a mass cost of +1/3.

Low tech versions may be limited to firing once every three turns.

Neutron Laser

Similar to the Heavy Laser Beam of the younger races, the Neutron Laser of the Minbari is somewhat more advanced. They have a range category of 15” and default to three fire arcs. Base mass is 4 for a class 1, and doubles each class thereafter. Still limited to firing once every two turns.

Slicer Beam

As used by the Shadows and Vorlons. The special effects are different, but the rules are the same for both races.

Treated the same as a Minbari Neutron Laser, but may fire every turn. Range category is 18”, and half the damage penetrates armour.


Earth Alliance

fighters +1

Ship strength 30%


+1 Beam tech; +1 sensor tech; +1 drive tech

Ship strength 20%


+1 hull tech

Ship strength 40%


+2 beam tech; +2 sensor tech; +2 drive tech; fighters +1

Ship strength 40%

gravitic drives

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