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Jump Drives

Standard Full Thrust assumes that an FTL drive takes up 10% of the ship mass, and costs MASS x 2. However, there are no options for different types of drives. More Thrust did have rules for Hyperspace tugs and tenders, which seem to have dropped out of FB 2.

A standard Jump Drive has a rating of J-2 - i.e., it can jump 2 parsecs in one turn (yes, this is based on Traveller, though the ratings could be used to mean anything. All that matters is J-2 is better than J-1, etc).

The different drive types are as follows:

Drive Mass Cost
J-1 10% MASS x1
J-2 10% MASS x2
J-3 20% MASS x3
J-4 50% MASS x5

J-4 drives are meant not to be worth it for general use. J-1 are older tech which aren't really used any more, and will only be found on vintage starships.

Jump Tenders

A Tender can carry other (non-jump capable) craft through Hyperspace. Use the ratings given above, except the mass of the drive is x3 normal (making J-4 impossible), and the jump rating is reduced by 1 (so a J-1 drive can't be used as a tender).

A Tender always uses the slower rating, even if just jumping by itself. A Tender can take up to twice its own MASS in other ships when making a jump.

For example, a Tender-capable J-1 drive would have 30% mass (Take a J-2 drive, triple the MASS and reduce rating by 1).

Jump Disrupters

A device which prevents another ship from making a hyperspace jump. MASS 15, cost 30. Any ship within 24” which tries to Jump must roll on the following table.

Roll Result
1 Ship destroyed
2-3 Jump drive burns out.
4-5 Ship jumps 1 parsec along course, but drive burns out.
6 Ship jumps okay.

A burnt out jump drive cannot be used again and must be replaced. Any ship trying to make a jump will know there is a disrupter in the vicinity, and can choose to either abort or try anyway and roll on the above table.

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