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Published by Samuel Penn.

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The Five Kingdoms

Did have lots written on paper, seem to have lost it. Bummer. I hate paper.

The kingdoms of Tarvallah before the Betrayal. They were:

  • Iron Kingdom - eastern most, in eastern Sarse. Lots of iron mines, hence its name. Supplied the armies of the others.
  • The White City - western most, they were Bryta's lands. Dedicated to Rorn.
  • Mountain Kingdom - the Snow Queen rules here.
  • Dragon Lords - this is what becomes Bealurwic
  • Grey Kingdom - knowledgeable lot.

Iron Kingdom

Based in eastern Sarse. Several large cities. Concentrated on strength and material wealth. Ruled by a powerful King.

The White City

The Lands of the White City were around the Blorsing Hills (Hills of Flowers). The city itself was the greatest city in Tarvallah, and was built on the Temple of Rorn. Lots of cavalry and stuff. Guarded the western borders of Tarvallah.


Land of the Grey Towers. Land of wizards. Ruled by a Wizard-King. Peaceful land. The Towers were to be found at all the major towns and cities.

hasupad (grey-coated) torr (tower)


The Dragon Lords who rode dragon mounts. Few towns and cities. Local Lords handled their own affairs, with very little friction between the lords.

draca (dragon) eodor (lordly protector)


Land of the Glass Sorceress. aka the Mountain Kingdom. Out of the five, fitted in the least. Not trusted right until the end, when she tried to help and was betrayed because everyone thought she would betray them. The truth was known too late, and so the Five Kingdoms fell.

haegtesse (sorceress) snaw (snow) beorg (mountain) glaesan (made of glass)

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