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2011/09/19 - Saxon Bashing

We break down the interior door and head up to the solar where we think the women are. At the top of the stairs is a large armoured guard with a great axe. Caradoc grabs him and chucks him down the stairs. A second comes to investigate, and much the same happens. Both are dispatched by the rear of the party when they come to a stop.

Caradoc gives instructions for us to seek the treasury. Bashing down the first door with the ax we recently found, is a room full of women's stuff - jars and herbs and things. There is also an iron bound chest sitting on a table, which we take. In the opposite room are lavish clothes and hangings. We grab what we can, making sure that there are some nice clothes which will fit Eilis.

We plan on leaving. Most of the Saxons have left, but about 60 have remained behind to guard the castle. Aquila takes out one of the sentries with his crossbow, and Ceried takes his place. Aquila contacts his friends on the outside, and soon we have a small army sneaking over the wall into the castle grounds. We take out the other sentries on the walls, replacing them with our own men.

There is a battle for the front gate, which we win as the rest of the Saxons begin to wake and realise what is going. Battle is engaged, and we find the Saxon leader and his bodyguards. Eventually the Saxons are defeated. We are able to finish the looting of the castle, and rescue 3 damsels as well as Eilis.

Aquila tells us to report to the King's Muster at St Albans. He gives us a letter to Lord Roger restating this.

We get to the coast of England without incident with Eilis and her three friends. We head inland towards Salisbury. Behind us, Saxon warships approach Portsmouth.

We get home, and warn my mother that the Saxons are coming. We begin preparations for leaving. Eilis gets to see her father, and we organise to get her household out to Salisbury as well.

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