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Published by Samuel Penn.

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2011/11/07 - It's a bit more complicated than that...

We head further north towards the burning pillar of fire, in a search for giants. Sunday afternoon, we come across a large, brightly (and expensively) coloured, long house. The lord of the place, Wulfhere son of Wolfhein, comes out to greet us. He is dressed with much jewellery, gold and bright colours. He welcomes us, and invites us to stay the night.

We have a sauna, beer and talk. Apparently he has redecorated his hall to please his young new wife. We also and talk to him about giants. Apparently they are on friendly terms with the giants. We wonder whether the woman we are looking for is his new wife…

We go back to the hall to have a feast. Wulfhere and his wife Siglinde host a big feast, with lots of roast meat and beer. There is much quaffing and feasting. Apparently he 'won' her after much heroics and out-cunning her evil mother, though she doesn't seem to agree with that interpretation, and goes off to do some weaving.

We start the usual round of boasting, where I mention my defeat of Bruna. There seems to be some level of being impressed, then Caradoc mentions The Kindly One, and the mood shifts significantly to the worse. The we toast our host, and things improve again.

I go and find Siglinde, to find out her side of the story. Friedigar had ordered a great feast, to celebrate a great battle. and ordered his men to distribute the spoils. Siglunde was asked to organise the feast, which she did, and drugged the mead. She then let Wulfhere through the gates, and much slaying followed.

Froya hired a wizard from Finland to remove the curse on their land. He made a necklace that contained the curse within it, but Froya betrayed him. Siglinde had been promised to Wulfhere before, but Froya betrayed him as well.

And apparently the people here are giants, just in human form.

We come up with a cunning plan, which doesn't involve anyone having to kill anyone (except for Saxons, who dont count).

We go back to Froya, and make a deal.

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