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Published by Samuel Penn.

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2012/01/23 - The Battle of the Mine

The evil oppressors are currently raiding the countryside around Oxford.

There is Aaron the Jew, a moneylender in Oxford. He buys and sells information, as well as lending money.

We dress up a norsemen and head to Oxford to scout it out. It has a population of about 2,000. It has good strong walls, though not all of it is fully maintained. The northern side has lapsed somewhat, whilst the other side is better maintained. The northern houses outside the walls are built right up against the walls. There is a culvert here. The bath houses and brothels are all found here.

The five gates aren't well manned. but are heavily reinforced. The exception is the north gate, which looks like it may be in poor condition.

We stay at the lodging provided by the Cathedral. They believe we may be able to provide a large donation, so they are more than happy to show us around.

There seems to be a secret way between the brothels outside the walls, and a pub on the inside. There is well inside the castle, though the city itself gets its water from the river.

We get back to Wallingford. Lady Fiona, daughter of Lord Braes, is organising the movement of building supplies nearer to Oxford.

We set up a trap at a nearby mine, seeding a rumour that the treaury from Wallingford was hidden here. Laying traps around the open mine, we arrange for a large body of men to be hidden around the area.

We successfully ambush a large body of men at the mine, capturing five knights in the process, worth £60 of ransom.

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