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Published by Samuel Penn.

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2012/02/20 - Demons in the Wood

Caradoc has to fight a duel at Easter, against Ceiro ap Karthor who was spreading rumours about Caradoc's family.

The fight is to take place on Dragon Hill, where St George slew the dragon. The top of the hill is still bare.

The fight takes place at noon. It is a bloody battle, and Caradoc emerges victorious. However, he is badly injured and has a bit of a mental breakdown concerning his relationship with his brother.

After the duel, we head off to deal with Gorbadoc and his devil.

We come across a small run down chapel. It has a aged horse tied up outside. Inside is a knight praying. He is obviously a poor knight, but his equipment is in good condition. His sword however is incredibly good quality.

He is praying about being full of hate for god's enemies.

His name is Justinian and he is a Knight of York. Caradoc seems to get religion when talking to him, and invites him along on our quest. Oh good.

Some days later, we are travelling through forest when a cold biting wind howls around us. Someof us break and run, but are rallied by Caradoc.

There are black dogs with glowing red eyes, and a demonic man on a horse armed with a forked spear.

We attack the demon, but our weapons do nothing. Marcus flees into the woods, and the demon retreats, threatening us that only doom awaits ahead.

We head towards St Albans, in search of a chapel or something to arm ourselves against demonic forces.

On the way there, we come across a small boy playing a flute. He calls to Caradoc and Justinian by name, and asks them if they are seeking adventure. He changes form, and grows into Merlin. He tells us that a great wound has damaged the land, and that we may need help from the white christ or other powers. He offers a round quartz stone with a hole in the middle, which I accept. When it is looked through, in a certain direction it shows visions of heroic battes or something or other. That direction leads towards Coventry.

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