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Published by Samuel Penn.

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Weekend September 13th

See Star Wars Campaign. Previous episode 9September2003.

Go to check out the transports we're going to use to get off planet. There are some Imperial technicians there which we have to take out. A brief fire fight, which doesn't cause too many problems. Two ships here, a very slow one and a slow one. Get the slow one out of its underground hanger ready to fly off planet later, which is the TwilekDancer.

Later, head off for the radar installation to take it out. Come across an Imperial hover tank which has hit a mine. Big fire fight, in which our Ithorian is mortally wounded. Strayton calls on the Force to save his life. Dig out a bunker buster missile launcher from the remains of the tank.

Later that night, prepare to make attack on radar. When pirates make their attack, the BBM is used and takes out the radar installation with a single shot. Yay! Brief fire fight with survivors.

ShondraDel turns up in the TwilekDancer. We fly out with minimal hassle, and leave Derilyn. Pick up our ship. Fly back to rebel cruiser. Debriefed. Get our ship fitted with x1 hyperdrive.

Take TwilekDancer and our ship to Planet Korad, so ShondraDel can pick up her Y-Wing. Hang around a bit, meditate, that sort of thing.

Go to Toreena to see the Ithorian Eeksa, who Fullengarten wants to get to know really well. Also want to get info in order to sell the TwilekDancer.

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