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Cantrips are simple magical spells. Each mystery has a set list of cantrips, which are learnt as techniques. The easiest cantrips are level 1, then proceeding 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 25, 30. Those above 15 are pretty much reserved for the use of non-mortals.

See Air, Spirit Cantrips, Water Cantrips, Earth Cantrips, Iron Cantrips and Fire for the list of cantrips for each Mystery.

Cantrips are easy to cast, requiring no material components, and the minimum of vocals or gestures. All can be cast in a single round.

There may be multiple level 1 cantrips for a given Mystery - normally two or three which start the trees for each aspect of the Mystery.


The properties of a cantrip are as follows:


Range Description
Touch Must be touching the target.
Reach Should be touching the target. -5 each metre range.
Short No penalty out to 10m. -5 each 10m beyond that.
Medium No penalty out to 50m. -5 each 50m beyond that.
Long No penalty out to 1km. -5 each 1km beyond that.
Communication Must be able to talk to target.
Relationship As long, but no line of sight requirement. Must be to a target that is known to some degree. Level of degree affects range.


Duration Description
Momentary Does one immediate effect (e.g. fireball) then ends.
Concentration As long as the wizard concentrates.
Natural As long as the effect naturally lasts.


Target Description
Self Can only affect the caster.
One Can affect one single individual, which may be the caster.
Individual Can affect one single individual at no penalty, -5 each beyond that.
Few Up to three individuals at no penalty, -5 each 3 beyond that.
Dozen Up to a dozen individuals at no penalty, -5 each dozen beyond that.
Crowd Up to 50 individuals at no penalty, -5 each 50 beyond that.
Range Everything within range of the cantrip.


Instead of a target, it may have a radius. A radius affects everything in a given area, centred at some point within range of the cantrip.

Radius Description
Tiny 1m radius for free, -5 each multiple.
Small 3m radius for free, -5 each multiple.
Medium 10m radius for free, -5 each multiple.
Large 25m radius for free, -5 each multiple.
Village 100m radius for free, -5 each multiple.
Town 500m radius for free, -5 each multiple.
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