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Ideas about Insanity

From: Insanity.

Insanity has been dealt with in a number of games, notably Call of Cthulhu. However, I can't say that I'm particularly fond of any of them. CoC especially seems to suffer from the problem that insanity is completely random - there's no feeling of descending into insanity, rather you just pick up random mental illnesses.

Ars Magica also does insanity of a sort, except it's called Twilight. Habisfern will be closer to this model, since it's a measure of how close the character is to being consumed by their magic. It is both beneficial as well as a disadvantage (depending on how well it is controlled).

The insanity score will add to the magical ability of the character, so being more insane allows you to do more powerful magic.

I would like insanity to follow a path - maybe along the lines of Vampire's Roads - which the player has some choice over. The path governs the sort of insanities gained, which hopefully fit in more with the magic used and type of character. It shouldn't be something which breaks the character (at least, not until the end), but instead should add another dimension to the magic.


How to implement the paths? This could be done with a pyramid style of advancement. Each time something is gained, choose one of the next options.

Each path consists of a number of afflictions. Afflictions are chosen by the character, and they may have a positive side and a negative side. Afflictions are chosen in sequence, though get more powerful as a character progresses along a path.


Character turns in upon themself. Their afflictions make it difficult for the character to deal with other people, though the character does become mentally powerful in the process. They become cold and uncaring.

  • Shy (stacks if already shy); Insanity adds to bravery, restraint and temperance.
  • -1 charisma, +1 will


Character becomes domineering, driven by ego. Towards the end, they become paranoid and delusional.


Character gives in to the bestial side of their nature.

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