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See also: combat, Techniques, Martial Arts, Karate (etc)

Kenjutsu is a skill used by Samurai. It replicates two weapon, single weapon and great weapon though only with Samurai weapons. Has a number of special techniques associated with it.

Designed for a different style of fighting. Quicker, but less effective against heavy armour. Weapons such as the Katana are considered to be light weapons, and Samurai armour is considered to be light armour.

Need stats for Azumi and Bijomaru Mogami.


Japanese fighting styles, which belong to the Bushido group of skills, are similar to but different to the standard western styles. They tend to apply only to certain weapons, rather than whole classes of weapons.

There is nothing stopping a Samurai from learning single weapon or two weapon skills, and indeed many bandits and ronin will tend to do so since they are easier to learn. However, the Bushido skills are better suited to fighting the way Samurai fight.

  • Kenjutsu - Fighting with a katana, wakizashi, ninja-to or no-dachi.
  • Niten - Fighting with both Katana (or ninja-to) and wakizashi.
  • Iajutsu - Fighting in a ritualised duel.

These skills are considered to be members of the Melee, Armed melee and Bushido skill groups. Western techniques from these groups may be learnt.


Weapon Description Skills
Katana Samurai sword kenjustu, iajutsu, single
Ninja-to Cheap ninja sword kenjutsu, iajutsu, single
No-dachi Big samurai sword kenjutsu, great
Wakizashi Small sword kenjutsu, iajutsu, single
Ono Large axe great
Tetsubo Large hammer great
Naginata Spear with blade longshaft
Yari Spear longshaft


Techniques represent that the sword styles are quicker, designed against lightly armoured foes. Hit first, and kill in one strike is the general aim of Samurai attacks.


  • Way of the sword (2) - Can use either agility or dexterity for defence. When acting (not declaring) may use agility x kenjutsu (no roll) if attacking using the kenjutsu skill. Automatic.
  • Strike of serpent (4) - Any free strike has +1 bonus to dex.
  • Bite of the serpent (6) - Any good attack is considered a Deadly strike.
  • Lightning attack (8) - Make a second attack.
  • Defence of steel (10) - Add kenjutsu skill to base target to be hit.
  • Whirlwind attack (12) - Make an attack against everyone who is attacking you, but hasn't yet this round.
  • ? (15)


  • Daisho (4; Way of the Sword) - Add Niten skill to base hit target.
  • Fast strike (6) - If act before target, swap defence for second attack.
  • Secure defence (8) - Halve attack penalties due to multiple defences.
  • Unsuspected strike (10) - Any free strike is an automatic strike.


Probably a mixture of dueling and actual combat stuff.

  • Draw and strike (2) - Draw and attack as a fast action.
  • Draw and parry (4) - Draw and parry.
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