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Published by Samuel Penn.

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This is an old revision of the document!


Each Word can be used by itself without cantrips do perform basic elemental summoning and control. This is most most Wizards limit themselves to, since the learning of actual cantrips is difficult and requires time and effort.

Magic can cause Insanity. See also Mastery of Magic.

Word Saxon Affinity
Spirit Cantrips Gast Female
Water Cantrips Waeta Male
Earth Cantrips Folde Female
Iron Cantrips Iren Male
Fire Fyr Female
Air Lyft Male


Spirit gives power over free spirits such as ghosts.


A wizard can sense the auras of those around her. Normal sense aura check - this effectively replaces the level 1 cantrip, so something else will be needed in its slot. Each round, the Wizard can concentrate on a single target to see their aura. The base difficulty is the will x ego of the target.


Ward against ghosts and spirits. Versus the will x ego of any spirit to keep it at bay. Each point beat the spirit by, it is forced to stay that many metres from the wizard. If double the resistance roll, then can opt to destroy if it is close enough.


Summon a spirit within range, forcing it to be visible.


Water gives power over rain and water.


Detect water, and also divine the properties of a liquid.


Keep dry.


Cause it to rain, only works out in the open. Base difficulty 10, covers a 250m radius area. Each +5 doubles the radius of the area. Each level of success increases the amount of rain by a level. Takes an hour for each level of change. +10 to reduce time to a minute, +20 for a round.

Summon a water elemental from a body of water.


Earth allows the wizard to make things fertile and increase in growth.


The ability to commune with plants and animals. Creatures that are considered already to have empathy with men (such as dogs, horses) are a base difficulty of 10. Wild versions are 20, other mammals or birds 30, lizards 40, insects 50. Trees are 30, bushes are 50 and grasses are 70.

Success Communication
Moderate Basic empathy, feeling good, feeling bad.
Good Simple ideas, where is food, which way big thing went.
Excellent Child like conversation.
Superb Adult like conversation.
Fantastic Tap into memories and get visions of what seen, if animal has eyes.


The wizard can increase the fertility or growth of plants. A day must be spent in the area. Each success increases the growth rate by about 10% over a 10m radius area. Each +5 to the base difficulty doubles the radius.

The effect can only be applied once to a region during each growth cycle.


Summon an earth elemental.

Level Type of elemental
10 Imp, small dog-like creature.
20 Goblin, small human-like creature.
30 Elemental, large human-like creature.
40 Elemental lord, huge human-like creature.


Iron gives mastery over metal and made things.


Detect flaws in metal objects. Provides bonus to smithing skills. Detect properties of metals in an object. Detect where metal is.


Help shape metals (bonus to smithing skills). Give soak bonus. +5 to soak for each success, but -1 to agility and dexterity. Can raise two success to get soak without the penalty.




Fire gives immunity to fire, and allows it to be animated.


See visions in fires. See fires within range. See heat.


Resist fire. Modify the intensity of a fire.


Summon a fire elemental from a fire.


Air summons winds and storms.


Hear noises at a distance. Maybe see at a distance.

Predict the weather.


Control the weather, increase wind or reduce it.


Summon an air elemental.

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