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 **Disclaimer:​** I know nothing about martial art styles except what I've read in books. I'm currently using GURPS Martial Arts 4th Ed as a primary source for background on various styles. **Disclaimer:​** I know nothing about martial art styles except what I've read in books. I'm currently using GURPS Martial Arts 4th Ed as a primary source for background on various styles.
-===== Basic Manouevres ​=====+===== Brawl Manoeuvres ​=====
-The following ​can be done by anyone, ​using the //Brawl// skill.+//​Manoeuvres//​ are combat options which can be tried by anyone, ​without requiring a technique. Many are made easier by certain techniques. A manoeuvre needs to be declared before ​the attack.
-==== Attack Actions ​====+==== Grab ====
-All the following must be declared when the attack is declared at the start of the round.+You try to grab hold of your opponent with both hands. If you only use one hand (i.e. you are holding a weapon) then you will suffer a penalty, but may drop your weapon as a free action before you make your attack. Your opponent gets a //free strike// against you (or an //automatic strike// if they have a weapon), then you make an Agility x Brawl attack against their Agility x Brawl.
-=== Grab ===+On success, they may try to break free or chose to willingly wrestle. If they try to avoid, both make Strength x Brawl (you are at -10 if you only have a single hand). If you succeed, you are both //​grappled//​. Each extra success you make puts them at -1 penalty to all physical attributes whilst //​grappled//​.
-Covers trying ​to grab the defenders limbs or neck in order to get a hold. Causes a //free strike//and requires a //good// attack for success ​against ​a limbor an //​excellent//​ attack for the neckNo damage is caused.+If they chose to wrestleboth of you compare your roll against ​half your opponentsand gain the advantages of aboveYou will probably both end up suffering penalties.
-On success, the target is held and looses their attacks for the rest of the round, though may atttempt to break instead of their declared action by rolling their strength versus the strength x brawl of the attacker. This gives an advantage to whoever acts first.+A //​grappled//​ person loses all further actions that round.
-=== Trip ===+==== Trip ====
-Grab and throw a person to the ground, or otherwise knock them from their feetCauses ​a //free strike// and needs a //​good// ​attack. On success, ​make opposed strength x brawl checks, ​on success ​the defender is thrownach extra success does one stun.+This is a combined grab and throw. ​Make a //grab// manoeuvre as above, but you need a //good// success. If they chose to wrestlethen it automatically turns into a grapple and you don't get to trip them. If you succeed ​on the Strength check, then you throw them to the ground //prone//Each extra success does one //stun//.
-=== Unarmed disarm === 
-Try to disarm ​a foe. Causes a //free strike// and needs a //good// attack. On success, a contest of agility x brawl. If attacker fails, defender looses their next attack //that round//, on successs the defender is disarmed.+==== Unarmed ​disarm ​====
-==== Defensive Actions ====+Try to disarm a foe. Causes a //free strike// and needs a //good// Agility x brawl attack against the opponent'​s standard defence. If you succeed the opponent loses further attacks that round and there is a contest of Strength x Brawl. If you succeed, the opponent drops their weapon. On a //good// success, you can take their weapon.
-Following are declared as an attack. Can only be performed if declared. 
-=== Escape ​hold ===+==== Escape ​====
-Used if being held by a foe (i.e. grabbed). Make a strength|agility ​brawl versus the foe's strength x brawl. On success, break free.+If you are currently //​grappled//,​ you can try to escape. Make a Strength ​Brawl contest. On success, ​you break free. Your opponent loses any actions against you that round.
-==== Followup Actions ​====+==== Improve Grab ====
-The following ​are used to follow up an attack in a previous round.+Tighten your grip on a person being held. Contest of strength x brawl. Each success puts your opponent at a further -1 to their attributes. If you have been grappled and are at penalty, you can use this to reduce your penalty and even put your attacker at penalty.
-=== Improve Grab ===+==== Coup de grace ====
-Tighten your grip on a person being held. Contest of strength x brawl. ​If win, get a +1 bonus to strength for all further checks for this hold (including break attempts). If a neck holdchoke victim for one fatigue. Bonus limited to doubling strength. Exra success gives more bonusesbut no extra fatigue.+If foe is unable ​to resist ​(tied up, unconscious etc), may perform an //automatic strike// which does double wounds. If you perform it as full round action (no defences or movement)then if you miss you do damage as normal otherwise you do maximum damage against minimum soakand all wounds/​stuns are doubled.
-If fail, then no change. On a fumble, loose hold.+===== Techniques =====
-=== Break ===+The following are standard combat techniques. They are not associated with any particular style of fighting, but are useful for all of them.
-Break limb or neck that is being heldMake basic damage ​roll (including strength ​bonus for an improved grab). If do 4 stun levelslimb or neck is broken. If neckvictim drops to fatal wounds.+  * **Close combat (2)** - Ignore free strike caused by grapple ​or trip. 
 +    * **Unarmed combat (4)** - Ignore free strike caused by not having ​weapon. 
 +    * **Out of reach (4)** - Ignore some penalties due to reach. 
 +    * **Disabling hold (4)** - On initial grapple, extra -1 to attributes per 4 skill. 
 +  * **Combat reflexes (2)** - Add best of melee and brawl to initiative. 
 +    * **Reflex dodge (4)** - Add brawl to your own to be hit difficulty 
 +    * **Opportunity attack (4)** - Don't have to declare a manoeuvre. 
 +      * **Improved ​damage (6)** - Add brawl/melee skill to damage. 
 +        * **Multiple attacks (8)** - One attack for 4 points of skill. 
 +  * **Hard to kill (2)** - Bonus to staying alive 
 +    * **Only stunned (4)** - Shrug off stuns 
 +    * **Ignore pain (4)** - Reduce stun/wound penalties by a level. 
 +      * **Tough (4)** - Bonus to soak 
 +  * **Surprise attack (2)** - Gain bonus in a surprise attack. 
 +    * **Tactical move (4)** - Roll agility x brawl for initiative. 
 +The above will be known by standard street fighters. 
 +Some random styles. 
 +  * **Wrestling (2)** - Use agility instead of strength in a grapple. 
 +    * **Counter grapple (4)** - A fail to trip or grapple you can be countered with a trip attack. 
 +    * **Break fall (4)** - If you suffer a trip, one less stun per 4 skill. 
 +  * **Acrobatic roll (2;​Athletics)** - Difficulty 20 check to stand from prone as a free action. 
 +    * **Acrobatic dodge (4;​Athletics)** - Add Athletics to defenceup to reach half Athletics. If defensivehalf adds to soak. 
 +  * **Silent strike (2)** - On unseen grapple, strength halved. May also brawl attack for damage. 
 +    * **Silent kill (4)** - On unseen attack, rolls wounds ​rather than stuns.
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