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Published by Samuel Penn.

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Yags is Another Game System - Game design notes for Yags, a Free roleplaying game system I use as the core system for most of my campaigns.

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A telepath has a Power rating, which normally ranges between 1-12. The power rating affects range and some other stuff. The power rating is the same for all the Psionic abilities.

Power Type of telepath
1-3 Very low
4-6 Medium level of power
7-9 Strong
10-12 Very strong
13+ Super human

Power is partially a born trait, partially developed. It is limited to double Will.


There are six abilities that a psionicist can learn. It is assumed that most people (in Traveller, Vilani/Solomani) are not Psi capable. Advantage costs to be psi capable are:

First, you must spend 1 point to gain a POWER of 2, and a single ability (which you can choose). On top of that, you can spend extra points for:

  • Extra +1, add +2 to your Power rating (maximum 12, or double Will, whichever is least)
  • Extra +1, add an extra ability.

Raw Telepathy

Someone with just telepathy gains some simple benefits regardless of skill. This benefit is unconscious, so is gained even if you aren't aware that you are telepathic as long as the ability doesn't require Fatigue cost. Any raw abilities that require Fatigue are conscious.

Add Power to Empathy skill checks against people within range. Range is 1m per point of power.

Raw Telekinesis

If you have telekinetic ability, add your Power to Throw checks for throwing and catching objects. By spending Fatigue, you can also add your Power to any dodge rolls (you are using it to block and deflect attacks).


Psionic skills have to be learnt, normally by training. You obviously have to be aware of your ability in order to use a psionic skill.

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