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Published by Samuel Penn.

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Adder (Light Transport)

A light transport ship designed for interplanetary missions. Too small to be jump capable, it is used by low tech worlds for ferry duties.

Class Light Transport
TL 9
Displacement 100t
Size 21 (7/7/8)
Surface 22
Health 3 (Average
Agility 2 (Poor)
Armour 5t
Soak 31 (21 hull + 10 armour)
Thrust -
Delta V -
Crew 5-20

Design Notes

  • 8t TL9 drive (240 thrust)
  • 10t fuel
  • TL9 standard hull, (100t)
  • TL9 armour (5t)
  • Armour = 16
  • Cargo = 30t


Surface available: 6

  • Twin fire linked 150MJ fixed mount beam lasers: +9 Atk; +140 Dmg; 5” Inc; 8” short, 13 Size
  • Single light turret 250MJ particle beam: +9 Atk; +145 Dmg; 4” Inc; 6” Short; 10 Size
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