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Published by Samuel Penn.

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Python (Transport)

A heavy transport ship, very tough and strong for ships of its class, but slow and ungainly. Designed for running cargo into (and out of) systems which aren't entirely friendly.

Class Heavy transport
TL 10
Mass 850t
Size 25 (9/8/8)
Surface 23
Health 4 (Reinforced)
Agility 2 (Poor)
Armour 500t
Soak 90 (37 hull + 53 armour)
Thrust 1.4g
Delta V 1647”/turn
Crew 5-20

Design Notes

  • 85t TL10 drive (2550 thrust)
  • TL10 reinforced hull (1275t), TL10 armour (500t), total mass 1775t
  • 100t fuel
  • Cargo, 500t
  • TL10 Jump-2 drive, 85t
  • 80t spare for other stuff.


Surface available: 23

  • 4 light turrets, unspecified loadout (4t, 12 SA)


  • Stripped down variant with most of the armour removed. Drops Health by 1 (no change to mass or soak), reduces armour to +25 (100t), but increases thrust to 1.8g. Very extreme version removes all armour, and gives a thrust of 2g.
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