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Published by Samuel Penn.

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Starship Weapons

For a list of weapon statistics according to type, see:

One of the most important characteristic of a weapon system is its size class, and this is denoted by how it is mounted.

Size Description
5 Tiny. Man portable weapons, not used in space combat.
10 Small. Vehicle mounted weapons, small point defence systems.
15 Medium. Heavy turrets, useful against most small ships, up to about 1000t.
20 Large. A barbette mounted weapon. Very heavy turrets.
25 Huge. Bay mounted weapons, used against heavy combat vessels.
30+ Gigantic. Spinal mount weapons found on ships of the line.

A weapon's size class is a measure of its power output, not its physical size (though the two are related). For example, Fusion weapons tend to be +5 Size compared to equivalent weapons of other types, and fixed mount weapons (which don't need complex turret hardware) also get a +3 size bonus.

For purposes of hitting targets, a weapon always uses its physical size class (so a fixed fusion mount, which counts as size 18 for damaging targets, is only size 10 for hitting them).

Mounting Capacities

A ship has room to mount a number of weapons relative to its size. It is limited by both volume (tonnage), and surface area available. For large craft, the surface area limit is the most important.

A ship has a volume capacity equal to its tonnage. It has a surface area capacity equal to square of the cube root of its tonnage (tonnage^(2/3)). Some example ship sizes and surface availability are as follows:

Tonnage Surface
10 5
50 14
250 40
1,000 100
5,000 292
25,000 855
100,000 2154
500,000 6300

Modifications to available surface are as follows:

  • A ship with partial streamlining has its surface availability reduced by 50%.
  • A ship with full streamlining has its surface availability reduced by 75%.
  • A ship with radical streamlining has its surface availability reduced by 90%.
  • For each base agility over 4, -15% to surface availability (the space is taken up by extra thrusters, careful mass distribution etc).

Weapon Sizes

Tonnage, surface requirements and physical size of weapon mounts are as follows.

Mounting Size Tonnage Surface
Fixed mount 10 1t 1
Light turret 10 1t 3
Heavy turret 15 3t 5
Barbette 20 10t 10
Small bay 25 50t 20
Large bay 25 100t 30
Spinal mount 30+ 10% sqrt(t)

Turrets may be modified to be Double or Triple variants. These modify requirements as follows:

  • For a double light turret, +1t and +1 surface.
  • For a double heavy turret, +2t and +1 surface.
  • For a triple heavy turret, +4t and +3 surface.

Fire linked weapons

Weapons on a fixed mount, or sharing a turret, can optionally be fired linked. These all fire as a single attack, doing increased damage if they hit.

  • For two fire linked weapons, add 20% to the total damage, +1 effective Size.
  • For three fire linked weapons, add 30% to the total damage, +2 effective Size.

Only beam weapons can be fire linked in this way. Fire linked weapons have to be identical.

Defensive Systems


Give bonus to soak, based on Perception x Spaceship Gunnery (Sandcaster).

Nuclear Dampers

Stops nukes, within certain radius.

Meson Screens

Give soak against meson guns, based on Intelligence x Screen operation.

Meson guns ignore armour, but not soak.

Blackglobe Generators

Give extra wound levels against everything, based on Intelligence x Screen operation.

Wounds soaked up are regenerated over time (a few per turn).


Can push physical attacks out of the way, giving a bonus to dodge. Generally only useful against missiles.

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