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Nuclear Dampers

Nuclear Dampers do magic stuff to stop nuclear explosions from happening. They are generally useful against nuclear missiles. Assume they use some form of noach technology to tweak universal constants, so don't need to be surface mounted.

TL 10 11 12
Mass 1000t 250t 100t
Range 3” 6” 12”
Attack +0 +5 +10
Inc 1” 2” 3”

The attack bonus represents the shorter time required to lock onto the target.


Using a nuclear damper requires the Spaceship gunnery (nuclear dampers) skill. If the Nuclear Dampers technique isn't known, cannot do better than a moderate success.

Any given damper can be used once a turn, either offensively (to cause premature detonation) or defensively (to prevent detonation).

Premature Detonation

An attack may be used against an incoming missile within range, to cause it to prematurely detonate (it is normally a partial detonation that is caused). It is not possible to target unfired missiles unless they are mounted on external hardpoints.

A success against an in-flight missile will destroy it. Against mounted missiles, the following results are possible:

  • Moderate success: Missile does 10% damage to ship it is mounted on.
  • Good success: Missile does 50% damage to the ship it is mounted on.
  • Excellent success: Missile does 100% damage to the ship it is mounted on.

The 'to-hit' difficulty is normally a base of 15, modified by range and size. If the missile is thrusting that turn, it may get a dodge roll at 4 x agility. If the Nuclear Dampers technique is not known, then only a moderate success is possible, and maximum range is halved.

Preventive Detonation

When a missile is on its final attack run, dampers may be used in a defensive mode. One or more dampers may make attack rolls against the missile (difficulty 15 plus size modifiers). The missile may dodge against this, with normal penalties (see the missile rules).

  • Moderate success, 50% damage.
  • Good success, 10% damage.
  • Excellent success, no damage.

If the gunner does not have the Nuclear dampers technique, then they cannot do better than a moderate success.

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