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Published by Samuel Penn.

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Table of Contents


See also: Vehicle Weapons, Vehicles, Ships.

It is also suggested that you take a look at the Yags Vehicle Rules for notes on how things work.


What follows are some cut down stats for various 20th century tanks. See the Vehicle Weapons page for stats on the listed weapons. For the most part, I've guessed medium/long differences for the guns, since I can't find stats for barrel lengths. It mostly affects accuracy, with a small difference in damage.

Front/Side armour is given. This adds to the base soak (normally between x2 and x3 the Size).

TL 6

Tank Nationality Size Body Soak Front Side Armour Type Weapon Dmg
Sherman M4 US 9 5 18 20 15 Heavy 75mm medium gun +45
Panzer IV German 8 4 16 25 15 Heavy 75mm long gun +48
Panzer VI Tiger German 10 5 20 35 20 Heavy 88mm medium gun +50
T-34 Russian 11 6 22 35 20 Heavy 75mm medium gun +45

TL 7

Tank Nationality Size Body Soak Front Side Armour Type Weapon Dmg
T-55 Russian 12 8 25 40 25 Heavy 105mm medium gun +55
T-72 Russian 12 8 30 45 25 Heavy 120mm long gun +67
Chieftain British 14 10 35 35 20 Heavy 120mm medium gun +63

TL 8

Tank Nationality Size Body Soak Front Side Armour Type Weapon Dmg
Challenger 2 British 14 10 35 45 30 Heavy 120mm medium gun +66
M1 Abrams US 14 10 35 45 35 Heavy 120mm long gun +70
M1A1 Abrams US 14 10 35 50 40 Heavy 120mm long gun +70


An M1A1 Abrams against a T-72 - the sort of engagement that occurred during Desert Storm. At short range, the T-72 can do a maximum of 83 damage, against the Abrams 85+ front armour. It's invulnerable. Against side armour, the T-72 has about 9% chance of doing minor damage.

When the Abrams fires back, against the T-72's front armour, it has 66% chance of causing 4 levels or more (6 levels against the side armour). This assumes that Heavy armour of lower tech levels counts as standard Light armour.

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