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Published by Samuel Penn.

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Yags is Another Game System - Game design notes for Yags, a Free roleplaying game system I use as the core system for most of my campaigns.

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Imperial Army

Training sets for the Imperial Army of the Traveller universe.

Training Sets

These training sets are divided into three main sections - initial training for raw recruits, active service and specialist training.

Initial Training

The following training sets are available to raw recruits. Not sure that they actually work. In the modern world, basic training consists of 9 weeks of intensive physical training, followed by some specialist advanced courses. It may be better to not try to simulate this, but to assume people come out of initial training with a certain set of skills.

Basic Training (Health)

  • Athletics, Brawl
  • Survival, Combat Engineering
  • Rifle
  • Pistol, Tactics
  • Heavy weapons
  • Health

Advanced Training (Health)

  • Rifle
  • Tactics, Brawl
  • Stealth, Awareness
  • Combat engineering, Communication systems
  • Psionic block, Scrounging
  • Perception, Health

Active Duty

Each month on active duty, when specialist training options are not taken, roll on one of the following tables. By default, non-officers roll on the Enlisted chart, and officers can choose to roll on either the Officers chart or Enlisted, but must use the Officers chart at least once per three months.

Active duty charts will tend to be broad based, and bring up low skills more often than raising specialist skills.

Enlisted (Health)

  • Athletics, Survival, Tactics, Combat engineering
  • Rifle, Pistol, Brawl, Athletics
  • Heavy Weapons, Gunnery, Rifle, Combat engineering
  • Computer operation, RPV operation, Communication systems, Scrounging
  • Drive or Pilot or Demolitions or Mechanics
  • Health, Strength, Dexterity

Officer (Health)

  • Tactics, Strategy, Survival, Psionic block
  • Athletics, Teach, Administration, Etiquette
  • Rifle, Pistol, Brawl, Intimidation
  • Computer operation, Drive, RPV operation, Communication systems
  • Intelligence analysis or Strategy or Charm or Spaceship systems
  • Health, Perception

Specialist Training

Available as training to specialised individuals.

Close Combat (Agility)

Training for close quarters battle, involving very short distances with pistols, knives and SMGs.

  • Brawl
  • Tactics
  • Pistol, Rifle
  • Stealth, Awareness
  • Throw or Melee
  • Agility, Dexterity

Commando (Perception)

Training for speed and stealth, performing hit and run raids against enemy targets. Character is expected to take training in Close Combat as well.

  • Stealth
  • Rifle, Burglary
  • Demolitions, Security systems
  • Awareness, Throw
  • Hypersledding or Heavy weapons
  • Agility, Perception

Sniper (Perception)

Roll Intelligence x Rifle 25+ to qualify.

  • Rifle
  • Tactics
  • Stealth, Survival
  • Combat engineering, Intelligence analysis
  • Heavy weapons or Communication systems
  • Perception

Driver/Pilot (Dexterity)

  • Drive, Pilot
  • Heavy weapon, Gunnery, RPV operation
  • Pistol, Boating
  • Mechanics, Electrician
  • Spaceship piloting, Spaceship gunnery
  • Dexterity

Technician (Intelligence)

  • Computer operation
  • Communication systems or Signal intelligence
  • Mechanics, Electrician
  • Demolitions, Combat engineering
  • Psionic block, Gunnery
  • Intelligence

Intelligence Officer (Intelligence)

  • Intelligence analysis, Strategy
  • Torture, Intimidation
  • Surveillance systems, Signal intelligence
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