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Published by Samuel Penn.

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Yags is Another Game System - Game design notes for Yags, a Free roleplaying game system I use as the core system for most of my campaigns.

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Full Thrust - Notes on Full Thrust

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A trait is a simple number from zero to five. Traits replace passions which were fixed. Traits are flexible and can be tailored for a particular setting.

For example, a horror setting may have Insanity and Bravery traits, whilst a Samurai setting might have Duty and Honour.

All traits default to zero. This is important - all settings must have zero represent the average person. Traits may often be paired - so Honour and Disrespect would be paired, each counting as the negative of the other.

Trait Checks

When a trait check is made, they are done so using Will. The trait gives a bonus (or penalty) to Will, then a standard Will check is made against a target of 20. There are no fumbles in trait checks - a '1' is not an automatic failure.

Target Situation
10 Trivial, normally not worth rolling.
15 Easy. Most people will pass.
20 Moderate.
25 Normally fail.
30 Usually fail.
40 Very difficult.
50 Extreme.

If the trait modifies Will down to below zero, then the roll is made as normal, but starting from a negative trait.

Habisfern Traits

These traits will be used in the Habisfern campaign.

  • Valour/Cowardice.
  • Lust/Chastity.
  • Temperate/Indulgent.
  • Vengeful.
  • Ego.
  • Luck/Cursed. Used in luck rules, not personality checks.
  • Insanity. Used in magic rules, not personality checks.

Traits may be purchased at character generation for a cost of +1, +3 or +5 for 1, 2 or 3 levels in the trait. A maximum of one trait may be purchased at the +3 level.


A character with valour is exceptionally brave (or possibly foolhardy). They are able to keep their wits about them when faced with danger, and can help to inspire others to do the same. The Valour trait adds to will for all fear, horror and morale checks.

A character with valour cannot also have cowardice.


A character with cowardice has a tendency to flee rather than face danger. The cowardice trait reduces will when making fear, horror and morale checks. A character cannot have both cowardice and valour.

Cowardice is a negative trait.


A character with ego has an exceptional sense of self. They can resist persuasion and coercion better than others. Ego adds to will to resist magical control and persuasion attempts.


Insanity cannot be bought at character generation time, it is only gained through the use of magic.


A character with the luck trait gets a bonus to luck rolls. A character with luck cannot also be cursed.


A character with cursed gets a penalty to luck rolls. It is a negative trait.

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