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Published by Samuel Penn.

Also, see my profile for things that interest me.

Glendale Website - My main web site.

Yags - Main site for yet another game system, a generic GPL'd tabletop RPG.

Yagsbook - Documentation on the Yagsbook RPG documentation format, a Sourceforge project.

Mapcraft - Documentation on world mapping tools, another Sourceforge project.

Midnight Saga - An Ars Magica campaign.

Active Topics

The current topics are currently under active development (relatively speaking).

Yags is Another Game System - Game design notes for Yags, a Free roleplaying game system I use as the core system for most of my campaigns.

Yagsbook - Notes on an XML based documentation system I use for documenting Yags and related campaigns.

Full Thrust - Notes on Full Thrust

Stargrunt - Notes on Stargrunt.


System Specific Structures

Some structures can be system specific - e.g. Yags, d20, ArsMagica. It uses namespaces to handle different systems. Everything not in a namespace (other than the default Yagsbook namespace) is considered to be generic content.

Character Info

A character-info block describes a character race or culture. For example, it includes a list of common names, average heights and weights, hair colour etc. The idea is that players can use it to generate a rough character description, but that it can also be used by a computer program to randomly generate an NPC appearance. All such generated information should be storage in a character block.

<character-info name="Rornic" gender="Male">
            <value weight="1">Very thin</value>
            <value weight="3">Thin</value>
                <value weight="3">Blond</value>
                <value weight="9">Light brown</value>
                <value weight="9">Dark brown</value>
                <value weight="3">Black</value>
                <value weight="1">Red</value>
            <!-- Very short, short, medium, long, very long, back, Waist length, Knee length, Ankle length -->
                <value weight="9">Very short</value>
                <value weight="27">Short</value>
                <value weight="27">Medium</value>
                <value weight="3">Long</value>
                <value weight="1">Very long</value>


Have a statistics block which is rules specific. For example, one for Ars Magica might look like the following.

<statistics xmlns="">
    <attributes size="0">
        <attribute name="strength" score="0"/>
        <attribute name="stamina" score="-1"/>
        <group name="Talents">
            <skill name="Finesse" score="2"/>
        <group name="Knowledges">
            <skill name="Hermes lore" score="3"/>
            <skill name="Artes Liberalis" score="2"/>
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